Which song will be the summer hit played at beaches and backyard BBQs everywhere? QUESTIONS FOR PROFFESSIONAL TRAVELERS:<br/> How can you own a Business and be in the Military, Fly for the Airlines, be a Trucker, or any other profession that requires constant travel, and transfers?<br/> How can you SUPPLEMENT YOUR FAMILY INCOME and still be a STAY HOME Mom or Dad, or Provide Home Schooling for your kids?<br/> How can you start Your Own Business without the huge expenses that are involved, hiring employees, insurance cost, inventory, marketing, and utilities, Before you open your doors you&#39;re into the tens and hundreds,of thousands of dollars, if not more.<br/> Now that you invested all of this money in your business, how much time and work do you put into it? Are you tied down working for yourself even more than you were when you worked for someone else? And how&#39;s that Pay Check compared to how much you invested into your business?<br/> There is an easier and less expensive way to start and build a business. One that you don&#39;t have to leave home for...Unless you choose to. And MORE IMPORTANTLY, a business that has the potential to provide you with PROMINENT ONLINE EARNINGS.<br/> An ONLINE BUSINESS can be taken with you Anywhere in the World. You can do business at whatever time of day, or night you choose and this business can PRODUCE INCOME 24/7.<br/> THE ANSWER to all of these questions led me KICKING AND SCREAMING to the Internet. I have few computer skills, I have no business experience. But I do have the desire to travel around the world as I did with the airlines and the military. I also want to be able to go anywhere, anytime if I choose, or stay home and enjoy family and friends if I choose. I want the lifestlyle and financial freedom to enjoy my retirement. The perfect solution for me...Online Marketing.<br/> The exploding applications of the Internet make it the most useful tool since the invention of the wheel. Users now number in the Billions and it is rapidly growing.You can use it for communication, with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. You can use it for information, education, navigation, art, intertainment, music, research, recruiting, and of course, shopping, to name a few. It is also the most extensive media available for Marketing and Selling.<br/> If you&#39;re like me, you may not know much about Online Marketing. As a matter of fact, like me, you may know little about Business and how to get started. Regardless of your experience, it&#39;s important to start with a solid foundation of Education, Training, Systems and Equipment, and Quality Teamwork and Leadership.<br/> Having been in the Airlines, and in the Military, these were the ingredients I Know to be the most important for any successful endeavor, mission, and now, for me, Business.<br/> Since I was starting from ground zero, I knew that I&#39;d need a lot of help to be successful as an Internet Marketer. Fortunately I found a Proven Business Platform, a Quality Education and Training Curriculm, and Leadership that has taken the same journey that I was starting, i.e. going from nothing and reaching the Uppermost Level of Top Producers in the Marketing Industry. But most importantly for me was the emphasis on Personal Development and Leadership Training. Why is that important ?<br/> Well, that brings me to the final point I&#39;d like to make about any Business, any Career, any task or endeavor YOU may encounter. The absolute most important ingredient is YOU and what YOU PUT INTO IT. YOUR CREATIVITY, YOUR EFFORT, YOUR COMMITMENT, YOUR DEDICATION, and finally THE ACTION YOU TAKE.<br/> Before any situation can change or improve, someONE has to TAKE ACTION. No one will seek you out to help you, You have to HELP YOURSELF. PUT THE OXYGEN MASK ON YOURSELF BEFORE YOU TRY TO ASSIST SOMEONE ELSE.<br/> If I can help you in any way, even if it&#39;s just to talk about YOUR SITUATION, or about airlines, airplanes, military careers, smoking ribs the old fashion way, or Motor Homes and Great RV Parks,and anything about College Football ... Visit my web site... <a href="http://prominent-online-earnings.com">http://prominent-online-earnings.com</a> or call 1-888-303-2438.<br/> WELCOME ON BOARD<br/> <br/> <a style="display: inline;" href="http://gearlj.typepad.com/.a/6a0133ed5dcb56970b0134851f7bf8970c-pi"><img class="asset asset-image at-xid-6a0133ed5dcb56970b0134851f7bf8970c image-full" alt="CAL B777 Narita_1" title="CAL B777 Narita_1" src="http://gearlj.typepad.com/.a/6a0133ed5dcb56970b0134851f7bf8970c-800wi" border="0" /></a> <br />
If you had the chance to travel for a year, where would you go? What Will Your Aviation Career Be Like?<br/> If you&#39;re like me, even knowing the rough ride ahead wouldn&#39;t deter you from flying. After all of the training, the check rides, the tests, the interviews, simulators, and rejection letters, you&#39;re determined to fly.<br/> You&#39;ve been told about furloughs. You&#39;ve been told about Mergers and Strikes. You know about all the turmoil of the past with bankruptcies and shutdowns.<br/> So what! You can handle it, and I know you can. But how well does your family fare during long layoffs. Can you put off College Tuition until you&#39;re back flying? What about those escalating mortgage payments, or medical and dental bills. Maybe the kids need braces, or other special needs. What&#39;s you&#39;re survival plan?<br/> Like I said, if you&#39;re like me, you&#39;re going to do it anyway. But that doesn&#39;t mean you can&#39;t be prepared for a rough flight. You don&#39;t have to give up you&#39;re dream career. You can be financially independent of you full time job by learning from the experience of others who have been down that glide path before.<br/> I&#39;m not trying to throw cold water on your dream career. On the contrary I want to help prepare you for whatever turbulence lies ahead. You&#39;ve been trained to be prepared for any emergency in your airplane. It makes sense to be prepared for financial and career emergencies as well.<br/> If you&#39;re just starting your career, a seasoned veteran, or getting ready to retire, you never know when that last landing will be. But whenever your last landing comes down, be financially prepared and make it a &quot;Happy Landing&quot; .


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